We create websites that bring your business more business.

Here at K+C Creative, we design thoughtful, engaging websites that are clear and intuitive, making it natural for your customers to keep scrolling.

We know that perception is everything in business. And many small businesses are sitting with outdated sites, being overlooked because their website doesn’t measure up to how awesome they really are in person, if only that online viewer would get in the door.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in turning viewers into customers, easily returning your investment with us many times over.

Problems we can solve for you…

Your website isn’t converting. Your website is one of your greatest tools, and it should do what you need it to – convert. 

Your website is outdated. We’ll create a website that is up-to-date and innovative, helping legitimize your business and making you excited to show it off! 

You want an agency-level website without the scary price tag. Our design packages fall comfortably within the budget of most small businesses.

You need a new online presence but you don’t have the time to learn a new trade! Tech can be stressful, but we’ve got it down.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Kiki Caines | Garden Center Owner

“The care and commitment exhibited throughout the process were evident. They want your site to have a positive effect on your business in a measurable and quantitative way. Right away I had customers providing their emails and within the first week of the launch of the site had twenty new contacts.

Partnering with K&C Creative was one of the best decisions I’ve made and look forward to working with them continuously as my company grows.”

Leena Abed | Nutritionist + Instructor

“Working with Katie and Cody is hands down the best thing I have ever done for my business. I will be hiring them again for future revisions as my business continues to grow. Did I mention I come from a family of website developers? And I still chose K+C Creative.

I envision this next phase of my business growing far beyond me. Katie and Cody brought my biggest dreams to life with this site and I’m not exaggerating at all.”

Brooke Jackson | Bakery Owner

“The biggest problem I had before my website was keeping track of my orders. This website provides me with all the tools I need to be able to keep track of my orders and fulfill them. It also encourages more people to order. I had so many questions about a website before, and now I can direct them to the website where they can see everything I offer.

Katie and Cody are the sweetest people and extremely helpful. They do their best to help you achieve your goals for your website. They answer every question to the best of their ability, and if they’re not sure of the answer, they will find it for you.”

Hunter Sipe | Pastor

“Our site maximizes our potential to get visitors actually into our front doors. It walks them through all the necessary information and gives them a full perspective on what they can expect when they visit our church. Our second goal is to equip our people. Our site works seamlessly with our church app and helps to keep our folks up to speed and engaged with our church life. We can host all of our media content on our site as well.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thanks, K+C Creative!”

Let’s transform your online presence.

Explore one of our projects.

Honey + Lavender Bakery


Honey + Lavender Bakery was looking for an intuitive, clean website that drew in new customers, prompted viewers to place an order via an online order form, shared about upcoming events, and perfectly showcased her menu items and previous work.

Her new site showcases all that her bakery has to offer and the story and heart behind it. It is complete with a menu page, ordering page, ordering guidance, contact form, events calendar, and page about the baker.

As dessert lovers, we were honored to work with Honey + Lavender Bakery are happy to have them as part of the K+C Creative family!


Ready for a website that helps bring you more business?


We’re Katie + Cody, and we’re happy you’re here.

We’re the husband and wife duo behind K+C Creative. Our business was born out of a love for entrepreneurship and a desire to help small businesses.

We create beautiful websites, yes. But really what we do is much more than that – we bring greater value to small businesses and their owners by creating a website that draws in their audience and increases their revenue, while also taking a time-consuming task off their hands.

With Katie’s skill in design and background in psychology, she understands how people tick and what things attract them. Paired with Cody’s experience in business and sales, we’re the perfect duo to help get your website up and running. 

For those that want creating their website to be stress-free and efficient, we’ll take the hard work off your shoulders. Let’s free you up to enjoy your business and watch it grow.


An intuitive and powerful website that’s easy to use.*

*for you and your customers

We make tech support simple. Upon site launch, you’ll receive personalized tutorial videos showing you how to maintain your website and update it as your business evolves. Because the whole point of our websites is that you don’t stay in the same place.

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