Who We Are

ThE heart behind k+C Creative

K+C Creative was formed out of a love for web development and entrepreneurship, and a desire to help small businesses.

We create beautiful websites, yes. But really what we do is much more than that – we bring greater value to small businesses and their owners by creating a website that increases their audience and their revenue, and also takes a time-consuming task off their hands. We believe every small business should have a website that portrays who they are while meeting customers where they are, because that’s what drives sales.

We also know that perception is everything in business. And many small businesses are sitting with outdated sites, being overlooked because their website doesn’t measure up to how awesome they really are in person, if only that online viewer would get in the door.

With Katie’s skill in design and background in psychology, she understands how people tick and what things attract them. Paired with Cody’s experience in business and sales, we’re the perfect duo to help get your website up and running. We can’t wait to partner with you and watch your business grow.

We’re not just creating, we’re converting. 

The Owners

Meet the Husband and Wife duo behind K+C Creative

Cody | Account + Business Manager

(as described by Katie)

Cody’s the best. He’s a super genuine guy and can get along with just about anyone. He is the one that really handles everything regarding clientele and projects for K+C Creative. He’s always worked in the business world, so he truly understands what companies need and can relate well to our clients. He then communicates that to me in a way that enables me to do what I do best. Our skillsets compliment one another so well, and I’m thankful to have him.

Katie | Designer + Project Manager

(as described by Cody)

Katie is the one that will be meticulously crafting your website – every page, section, and plugin. Her background in design, writing, and psychology are all integral in helping you finalize quality content that really grasps the attention of your visitors. She puts the pieces together in a way that is very intentional and detail-oriented. Once we all lock in a strategy and vision, I just sit back and let her creativity flow. I’m extremely lucky to have her on my side both in life and in business.


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